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About The Look Designs

Matt Leventhal started The Look Designs in 2009. TLD began with the desire to learn new skills and then transformed into a "what is next" type thing.

Over the course of 6 years Matt had the chance to work on a variety of projects for many different clients. Projects include E-commerce sites, simple logos, technical drawings, apparel, photography, video tutorials, illustrations and more.

The Look Designs strives to create innovative designs, while remaining true to the values of the customer. Pairing attractive design with the latest in technology TLD creates an effective recipe.

In addition to design work, Matt enjoys music, running marathons, surfing and crossfit (basically any activity that gets him away from a computer).


Logo Design // Integration // Signage // Brand Message & Stratedgy

The Look Designs understands that defining your brand and developing a strategy around the brand can be a complex matter. Let TLD assist you in making the choices that are essential in reaching your target audience.
The foundation of your brand is your logo, which is used to communicate your brand. Your logo will be used in your website, packaging and promotional materials. TLD can help you build a logo that is attractive and recognizable.

Brand Consistency // User Experience // SEO // Content

The Look Designs can design your website to blend in with your brand if you already have a strong presence. Let TLD assist you in building a User Experience that allows all of your web content to be viewed by potential customers.
Bringing potential customers to your website is essential and requires quality content along with SEO. Get your website seen with the help of TLD.

Illustrations // Advertisements // CAD // Print

Lure in potential customers with eye-catching marketing materials created for you by The Look Designs. TLD can get as creative as you would like with designs or stick to certain brand and industry guidelines. The choice is yours!
TLD is always current with the latest design trends. If you have an idea and need it turned into a graphical representation, TLD can help illustrate that idea to your customers. TLD also has many years of experience in printing.

Website // Cross Platform // Blog // E-Commerce

The Look Designs can build you a website that has all the latest fucntionality. Whether you are looking to sell your product online or keep your followers informed via Blog, TLD can set you up with the tools needed to easily push your content to the masses.
With experience in developing with Magento, Wordpress and WooCommerce, TLD offers you the option of choosing your weapon of choice for online representation. TLD can also help you reach out directly to your customers through customizable eNewsletters.

Portraits // Real Estate // Small Events

The objective in photography is to create a lasting memory from a single frame. The Look Designs can assist you with smaller photography projects whether it involves memories to cherrish or a product you need to present to customers.
In addition to photographing, TLD has several years of experience in photo editing. This allows you to get as creative as you would like with your photos. Add warmth to your newborn photos or create space in your scenic landscape shots.

Why Choose The Look Designs?


Need help illuminating that light bulb? Need a boost in the creativity department? The Look Designs can help regardless if you are in search of new ideas or need help bringing existing your ideas to life.


Rather than have to shop around for individual creative services, take a look at all The Look Designs has to offer. With a wide range of services available you will likely find that The Look Designs can meet all of your creative demands.


With now over 7 years of experience in the creative services field, The Look Designs has worked on many different types of projects for a variety of industries.


Taking a simple approach keeps the clutter away from your designs. Your customers will be able to focus more on what is important, your content. Plus minimalism never goes out of style (think Apple).


Creative services do not have to be long drawn out processes. With experience in streamlining procedures and getting to the finish line quickly, The Look Designs can complete your requested design services fast so you can focus on more important things.


Isn't it nice being in the loop? The Look Designs understands the imporant roll communication plays in completing tasks quickly and correctly.
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